--mission 1: pant devil--

Ginny the Acara was just going for a quick cycle in the woods near her home.. when DISASTER STRUCK!!!. Out of the bushes crept a rather familiar face...

Yes, the Pant Devil - a mean little thief.. and he had his eyes on Ginny's brand new bike! He grabbed it, pushed little Ginny to the floor and in an instant he was off!

As fast as her little legs could carry her, Ginny headed to the Defenders of Neopia building, a place she knew she could get help! Inside she explained her situation to Judge Hog...

Judge Hog accepted the challenge. He knew that in his organisation there would be one person brave enough to go out and beat the Pant Devil, and return the bike.




You have defeated the evil Pant Devil and brought Ginny her bike back, thanks a lot. As a reward you will receive a trophy!